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People are calling Atomic Fart "The ultimate in mobile farting!", "Flabbergasting!", "Flatulence Galore!" and "Most awesome app money can buy!"

Atomic Fart is the ultimate Fart Machine, Whoopie Cushion, Fart Timer, Motion Detection Fart, Fart Drumset AND Simon Farts all in one! And for only $99c for a limited time!!!

It is the ultimate fart arsenal in your pocket. With 30 super high quality crystal clear fart sounds, Atomic Fart is the most comprehensive fart machine in the App Store and any mobile device in the planet!

Lots of toots is just the beginning! Switch to TIMED MODE and your iPhone/iPod Touch will rip one out as soon as the timer runs out.

But there is more! Turn on MOVEMENT DETECTION and your device will blast your pre-selected atomic blast as soon as it detects the slightest movement! Perfect for hiding it in the couch, chairs, purses, pockets or any place that will cause tons of laughs and/or embarrassment!

But Atomic Fart is more than that! It has a DRUM MODE! You can now play fart drums, where each drum pad has a distinct gastric sound. It also has a random pad which will play any of the 30 flabbergasting farts!

But why stop there!? We wanted to make the best fart app in the store! So why not add SIMON SAYS MODE! Now you can play Simon Farts on the Fart Drum Pads! The Worlds first and ONLY!

Atomic Fart was done entirely with professional graphics and awesome high quality sound! It is the most flatulent iFart, iWhoopie, iToot or whatever uNameIt for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Now go, have fun and LET IT RIP!

How to say "fart" in other languages:

- Brazilian Portuguese: "Peido"

- Croatian: "Prdnuti"

- Danish: "Prut"

- Dutch: "Scheet"

- Spanish: "Pedo"

Let us know how to say "fart" in other languages and we will update this list!


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